Tree Behind Front Desk In InterContinental Times Square

A Green Times Square Theater District Hotel

At the InterContinental New York Times Square, we’re committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable hospitality. Our eco-conscious hotel has instituted several green initiatives and earthy friendly practices – from water and conservation to greenroofing – to help preserve our city and planet. Our Times Square Theater District hotel has achieved the status of LEED Certified based on the following highlights:

Green Roof

  • Green roofs on second and seventh floors feature low maintenance and drought-tolerant plants (moss and sedum) that help retain heat in the winter and absorb sunlight (heat) in the summer. Plantings also help improve the atmosphere and reduce storm water run-off.
  • Energy efficient irrigation system.
  • Home to two rooftop apiaries and an herb garden

Construction and Waste Management

  • At least 75% of construction debris was diverted from landfills and recycled.
  • Implemented an erosion control plan to limit the impact of the construction on the New York City water system.

Local and Recycled Materials

  • Construction project utilized materials, including concrete, that were at least 20% recycled materials and also obtained within a 500 mile radius.
  • “Green” housekeeping initiative: use of eco-friendly cleaning products and sheet changing cards that ask guests staying multiple nights to consider using their linens more than once.
  • Off-site composting—organic waste is separated out on-site.

Air Quality

  • Improved air quality due to no smoking policy and quality air ventilation system.
  • Floor-to-ceiling window design allows for maximum natural day lighting and ventilation to help optimize energy efficiency.

Lighting Efficiencies

  • Use of CFL’s (compact fluorescents) and LED’s (Light-emitting diodes) in guestrooms and most public areas deliver excellent light level while conserving electricity.
  • Guestrooms have controllable light and comfort systems. Building has been constructed with state-of-the-art, building wide Energy Management System controls to help manage building heat and cooling.
  • Motion detector light switches found in stairwells and storage areas help reduce electrical usage.

Water Conservation

  • Low flow toilets installed in all bathrooms.
  • Public area restrooms feature automatic flush and water shut off valves for more efficient use of water.